/out-ov-THē-bäks/ (idiom)

  1. Unusually good
  2. Unconventional
  3. The immediate usability or functionality of a new product, typically a piece of software.


Great People Make Great Companies

VirtuoSearch delivers exceptional executive Search and Selection services, tailored solutions for finding Talent, out of the Box. Our Consultants interact, advise and recruit C-Level Executives, Directors, and Critical positions incumbents. Across the borders.

Value Proposition


Virtuosearch consists of Professional consultants, each of them having a Proven track record and Deep Insights in specific industries and functions. Experts, they are regularly lecturers and regular speakers in Universities and Conferences.


We speak 18 different languages proficiently, giving us an unusually strong reach to 80% of population in Asia.

Quick Response

To ensure a consistent level of Excellence, Virtuosearch makes it a point that a short list is delivered to you in 9 calendar days on average.


We stand behind our work. In the unlikely event of a misfit, we will provide a comprehensive list of qualified replacements, fast and free.


We provide a real-time, easy-to-use platform where all information between you, our consultants, and candidates are stored and updated, for your convenience.

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