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English Online

With the help of technology, developing our English communication skills is as easy as 1-2-3. More and more people choose a convenient way of improving their English communication skills – through the internet. Consequently, there are so many online English schools to choose from but what makes ECATS different?

Our methods focus on more directional and personalized approaches. Each learner is unique thus a customized approach is continually developed. We give sessions that are worth remembering – never boring… never stagnant! Learning beyond studying!

Simply, we make things different and your skills more efficient.


English Camp

English Communications And Mobility Program (English CAMP) focuses on English learning and travel! This program allows an English learner to enjoy travelling, sightseeing and actual English practice and application. It provides the best environment for learning and practicing English while having a splendid holiday in the Summer Capital of the Philippines – Baguio City.

It covers airport pick up & drop off, house / hotel accommodation, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between snacks, English interactive learning programs, off-site adventures, city tour and service, among others.

We get away from the boring classroom type of learning. We go out, use our learned skills and do more adventures.



Our focus is to integrate dynamism within corporate organizations. Motivating and training them to become better performers and models in the organization are our most critical points of interest. We view each corporate client according to its needs and potentials.

Investing on people means investing further for your business. We extend training to link the people to the business – making them blend in harmony.



Lorrie has been dedicating her passion and career in developing communication skills, professional behavior development and related strategies for at least 15 years.

She had given talks and speeches in conferences and has been giving training and seminars about improving professional and communications skills. Among her clientele include personal training accounts, hotels, shopping and dining establishments.



Having a long experience as a performer in the entertainment industry, a corporate program & events organizer and a retail businessman, Aris has developed his passion in coaching and facilitating individual and corporate programs.

He also experienced communicating and understanding the culture of native speakers for at least 5 years.

With an IELTS OBS of 9.0 and a certified International English Language Testing System (IELTS) trainer, he has been coaching ESL learners and TOEIC examinees in and outside the Philippines within the duration of least 15 years.


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