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Attorney Case Referral System (ACRS)How does ShareCase work?

Share Your CaseShare your case to qualified attorney’s. Upload your case description, the type of attorney that is required and wait. It’s that easy!

Get ReferralsQualified attorneys review your case and can bid to take your case. Attorneys can publicly comment on your case & you can reply back.

Earn CommissionsWe implement an easy way for you to accept bids and to get in contact with the winning bidder.

Direct CommunicationAll payments to the referring party for his/her case is done directly. We do not intervene in the payment process, allowing for their to be an open way to transact payments.

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John Doe

Business Law

2 years experience 3 cases worked

Guesting Menting


100 years experience 6 cases worked

Tyna Muran

Family Law

21 years experience 2 cases worked

Regina Jackson


25 years experience 0 cases worked

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