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Redhead Production is the record label that's changing the mold of today's record industry.

We work with original artists of every genre to grow their skills and get their talent heard.

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Redhead is a revolution in response to, the way the music industry has hijacked the music and the artist. Until now Redhead wants to put control back in the hands of the creators. Let them decide how and who should reap the benefits from their labor of love. Let the members of redhead be the overwhelming wave that washes the industry clean and fit for the truly talented. I Keith “Uncle K.E.M.” calls for a revolution against the status quo. Join redhead and let your music be heard.

What redhead offers you the independent artist: is you control your music and you decide who gets to use it and how they use it.

What redhead should mean to the independent artist is community

You’re not alone redhead will promote your music through our internet radio, and music video service. We will sale your music and merchandise through our music and Merch stores. We will give your fans a way to rate your music side by side with other artist creating a real buzz about you the artist. Redhead gives the independent artist a better start than if they were doing it alone and a broader platform to sell their music, promote their brand, and allows them to profit off their music on their own terms. You the independent artist could help change the music industry.