This shall serve as a binding document which is the agreement between you, the Customer (whom we refer to as “you”, “your” or the “Customer” in this document) and us (whom we refer to as “The site”, “The website”, “we”, “our”, “LzoneDeals”). All of our services are provided by LzoneDeals. (Insert Business Address)

    It shall be very relevant that you carefully read and understand the underlying articles that this agreement contains. If you do not wish to agree or to be bound to these terms and conditions, you may not use the Site in any way and must refrain from using it. By using the Site, you shall agree with the terms and conditions set hereof and shall comply with the understanding that all your personal transactions here shall only be deemed available to you as an individual account holder.

    Given the situation that access to LzoneDeals is through the Internet, you acknowledge that connection is sometimes disrupted which sometimes cause loss of data. With that, LzoneDeals shall not be liable for such loss as this goes beyond the control of the Site. Futhermore, we shall not be liable for any breach of our obligations under this Agreement where we are hindered or prevented from carrying out our obligations by any cause outside our reasonable control, including by lightning, fire, flood, extremely severe weather, strike, lock-out, labour dispute, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, failure of any telecommunications or computer system, compliance with any law, accident (or by any damage caused by any of such events).

    While it is our primary duty to make the Site accessible to you 24/7, the Site may be unavailable from time to time for any reason including, but not limited to routine maintenance. You understand and acknowledge that due to circumstances both within and outside of the control of LzoneDeals, access to the Site may be interrupted or suspended from time to time. Furthermore, we reserve the right to change, modify, substitute, suspend or remove without notice any information or Voucher or service on the Website or forming part of the Service from time to time.


    Particular terms written in Capital Letters shall be defined for the sole purpose of having a unified understanding under this Agreement

    a. A “Merchant” is a third party seller of goods and services whom which a Voucher can be redeemed.
    b. To “Purchase” means the acquiring of a Voucher through LzoneDeals’ payment channels.
    c. To “Register” is the act of creating an account with the Website.
    d. “Service” means all or any of the services provided by LzoneDeals via the Website including the information services, content and transaction capabilities on the Website (including the ability to make a Purchase).
    e. A “Voucher” is a generated document from the site which is subject to terms and conditions, which, if purchased by you, allows you (purchaser of it but not anyone else) to use it as a means of exchange for Voucher Products offered by a Merchant
    f. “Voucher Products” means goods and/or services offered by a particular Merchant which are described as part of a Voucher.


    Use of the Service and the Website and any Purchase are each subject to the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.

    a. To use the Website and/or the Service (whether with or without registration) and to make any Purchase, you must be 18 years of age or over.
    b. The Website, Service and any Purchase are for your non-commercial, personal use only and must not be used for business purposes. For the avoidance of doubt, scraping of the Website (and hacking of the Website) is not allowed.
    c. We reserve the right to prevent you from using the Website and the Service (or any part of them) and to prevent you from making any Purchase.
    d. You shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining all telephone, computer hardware and other equipment needed for access to and the use of this Site and all charges related that may come after


    The access to LzoneDeals.com does not necessarily demand you to have an account with us, but it should be made clear that some functionalities shall be reserved for individuals with registered accounts. You must Register in order to make a Purchase from the Website. Doing so allows us to provide you with easy access to print your orders, view your past purchases and modify your preferences. We reserve the right to decline a new Registration or to cancel an account at any time due to malicious or questionable practices such as, but not limited to, the use of proxy IPs (Internet Protocol addresses) in order to attempt to hide the use of multiple registration accounts

    To Register, You must fill out all important sections indicated in the registration form provided by the Site. You shall also acknowledge that all information filled are accurate and complete. (Note: If there is a need to change certain information arising later into your account, you may do so) Important: Your registered password shall be personal unless You grant such access to other persons or entities. But with that, You acknowledge that You are granting them access to your personal transactions including buying of Vouchers whereas such transactions are only redeemable by You.

    Valid email addresses: All accounts must be registered with a valid personal email address that you access regularly, so that, among other things, administrative and other important emails can be sent to you. Any accounts which have been registered with someone else’s email address or with temporary email addresses may be closed without notice. We may require users to re-validate their accounts if we believe they have been using an invalid email address.


    LzoneDeals sells Vouchers via the Website that can be redeemed for specified products and services from a Merchant. An account is necessary for You to Purchase Vouchers on LzoneDeals. As a condition of Purchase, we reserve the right to send You administrative and promotional emails. We may also send you information regarding your account activity and purchases, as well as updates about the Website and Service and Vouchers as well as other promotional offers. Nonetheless, it shall be under your discretion to discontinue receiving emails from LzoneDeals by clicking the “unsubscribe” icon on the site.

    A Purchase is complete when payment has been successfully transacted (either via Dragonpay or Paypal) and a written confirmation from LzoneDeals has been sent to you. When a Purchase has been successfully made, LzoneDeals shall be keeping a record of the completed transaction. The voucher shall contain the particulars indicated in the deal which would include the name of the Merchant, branch/es where is may be redeemed, the specific product or service, and expiry date of the Voucher. Any attempted redemption of a Voucher not consistent with this Agreement may render a Voucher void at the Merchant’s discretion. All Vouchers are promotional vouchers that are offered for Purchase and are subject to this Agreement and to any terms and conditions of the relevant Merchant.

    Bought Vouchers are personal property and at most times should not be transferable. But in the case where the owner of this Voucher is unable to claim the service/s due to whatever reason, he may transfer rights of the Voucher to another individual (whether a registered member of LzoneDeals or not) given that the original owner is able to present a letter on the transfer which shall be attached to the Voucher along with a photocopy of one (1) valid ID of the original owner and one (1) from the new recipient of the Voucher.

    Given that a Voucher has not yet been redeemed, you may ought to cancel the transaction at any time within 5 working days from the day after you receive the Voucher. Please email us at support@LzoneDeals.com with the title “Cancel Voucher” to confirm the cancellation. We shall be working on refund transactions thereafter, but it shall be clear that only 70% of the amount paid will be available for refund to cover additional administrative and transfer charges.


    a. LzoneDeals
    LzoneDeals shall serve as a promotion site for Vouchers sold by Merchants. The purchase thru LzoneDeals’ payment channels shall guarantee You to the given Voucher Product availability and price. Such deals may not be available from the Merchant thru means of walk-in, reservation-basis and the like.

    b. The Merchant
    The Merchant, and not LzoneDeals shall (1) supply Voucher Products including details from deal descriptions, images, and pricing, (2) perform/provide the voucher Services/Products to the customer. Any terms and conditions for the product or service that you purchase using our payment channel are strictly between you and the merchant. LzoneDeals shall not be held liable for the failure of the merchant to deliver the said product or service as advertised. Furthermore, LzoneDeals shall not be held responsible might there be any financial liability arising from the failure of the Merchant to perform said products and services.

    Voucher Products which include travel and accommodation, the supply of services and/or arrangements are made by the Merchant and not by LzoneDeals. The Merchant is responsible for complying with all applicable laws relating to the travel services/right of passage.

    The Vouchers purchased on LzoneDeals cannot be combined in conjunction with other promotions, vouchers, third party certificates or coupons or senior citizen discounts. Neither we nor the Merchant are responsible for lost or stolen Vouchers or Voucher reference numbers.

    c. LzoneDeal Users
    You shall have the privilege to use, browse and/or purchase from the site given that you first agree with these terms and conditions. You are expressly given the freedom to use the site for what the site is intended for.

    The following uses of the LzoneDeals.com and its Vouchers are expressly prohibited and you undertake not to do (or to permit anyone else to do) any of the following:
    (c1) reselling the Website or it’s valid Vouchers;
    (c2) furnishing false data including false names, addresses and contact details and the use of fraudulent use of credit/debit card numbers;
    (c3) attempting to hack or circumvent our security or network including accessing information or into accounts exclusive to authorized LzoneDeals personnel,;
    (c4) executing any form of network monitoring which will intercept data not intended for you;
    (c5) sending unsolicited mail messages, including the sending of “junk mail”, SPAMS, chain letter or other advertising material to individuals who did not specifically request such material.
    (c6) sending malicious email, including flooding a user or site with very large or numerous emails;
    (c7) entering into fraudulent interactions or transactions with us or a Merchant (which shall include entering into interactions or transactions purportedly on behalf of a third party where you have no authority to bind that third party or you are pretending to be a third party);
    (c8) using the Service or Website (or any relevant functionality of either of them) in breach of this Agreement;
    (c9) unauthorized use, or forging, of mail header information;
    (c10) engage in any illegal activity in connection with the use of the Website and/or the Service or any Voucher.


    LzoneDeals may terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason without prior notice, and this Agreement will automatically terminate in the event that you violate any of the terms and conditions set forth. In the event of any termination, you must immediately cease access to the Site. Without limiting the foregoing, LzoneDeals shall have the right to immediately terminate any passwords or accounts in the event of any conduct by you which LzoneDeals, in its sole discretion, considers to be in dissonance with this agreement, or in the event of any breach by you of this Agreement.

    Any Voucher issued prior to termination of this agreement will be honored according to its terms and the terms of this Agreement specifically applicable to such Voucher.

    Any provision of this Agreement that imposes or contemplates continuing obligations on a party, or which by their nature must survive in order to be given full effect, will survive expiration or termination of this Agreement.


    You shall indemnify and find LzoneDeals and its personnel harmless against each loss, liability or cost incurred by us arising out of any claims or legal proceedings (which include, but is not limited to Attorney’s fees) which are brought or threatened against us by any breach of this Agreement by you or by any person arising from:
    a. your use of the Service or Website;
    b. the use of a Voucher;
    c. the use of the Service or Website through your password.


    We warrant that we will exercise reasonable care and skill in performing any obligation under this Agreement, and we have the right to sell Vouchers and that Vouchers are of satisfactory quality and fit for their purpose. And without limitation of anything else set forth in this Agreement, LzoneDeals further limits its liabilities in connection with your use of the site.

    Under no circumstance shall LzoneDeals and its personnel be liable to you caused directly or indirectly by:
    1. this agreement
    2. the site and its services, content or any related service
    3. the inability of the Merchant to provide its services
    4. the legality, accuracy, reliability, quality or authenticity of content, information and the use/misuse of the site’s Vouchers, or
    5. by any error or omission in the technical operation of the Site for any direct, indirect loss or consequential loss or damages of any kind, including, but not limited to the following intangible property:
    (e1) revenue;
    (e2) actual or anticipated profits;
    (e3) contracts;
    (e4) the use of money;
    (e5) anticipated savings;
    (e6) business;
    (e7) opportunity;
    (e8) goodwill;
    (e9) reputation;
    (e10) damage to or corruption of data.

    Furthermore, LzoneDeals’ liability to you for direct damages for any claim related to any of the foregoing shall be capped at the amount which you have actually paid for in conjunction with the Voucher under which such claim first arose. If any jurisdiction does not allow the exclusion or the limitation of liability or direct, consequential, or incidental damages, in such jurisdiction, LzoneDeals’ liability, and the liability of its personnel shall be limited to the extent permitted by law.

    LzoneDeals and its personnel shall not be responsible for any damage to any user’s computer, hardware, computer software, or other equipment or technology, including, but not limited to the damage from any security breach or from any malware, tampering, fraud, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer line or network failure or any other technical or network malfunction caused by the use of the Site.

    The use of the Site comes with personal discretion and if you find yourself dissatisfied with it and its services, then you are always welcome to send us feedback at support@lzonedeals.com. At the same manner, you are also given the option to stop using the site.


    All intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, all copyright, trademarks, patents, trade names, designs whether registered or unregistered) found in the Website, information content on the Website or accessed as part of the Service, any database operated by us and all the website design, text and graphics, photos, video, music, sound, software, and their selection and arrangement, and all software compilations, underlying source code shall remain our property (or that of our licensors). You shall not, and shall not attempt to, obtain any title to any such intellectual property rights. All rights are reserved. Articles taken from LzoneDeals shall only be available for personal reference and shall not be allowed to be used for personal ventures and works unless license has been granted to you by its Directors and Licensors.

    All rights under LzoneDeals are owned by us (or our licensors). Other product and company names mentioned on the Website are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to the content accessed using the Website is the property of the applicable content owner or Merchant. The Agreement gives you no rights to such content.

    Any communication which you post to LzoneDeals (whether in chat rooms, discussion groups, message boards or otherwise) is considered to be non-confidential and non-proprietary. If particular web pages permit the submission of communications that will be treated by LzoneDeals as confidential, that fact will be stated on those pages. If for some reason, any part of that statement does not work as a matter of law, then for anything which you supply to us from whatever source (i.e. via email, the Website or otherwise) you grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right to use, copy, modify, adapt, translate, publish and distribute world-wide any such material. All comments, suggestions, ideas, notes, drawings, concepts or other information: (i) disclosed or offered to us by you; or (ii) in response to solicitations by us regarding the Service or the Website; (in each foregoing case, these are called “Ideas”) shall be deemed to be and shall remain our property and you hereby assign by way of present and future assignment all intellectual property rights in Ideas, to us.
    For more information, see LzoneDeals’ Privacy Policy.


    a. Third party rights: All provisions of this Agreement apply equally to and are for the benefit of LzoneDeals, its affiliates and its third-party content providers and licensors and each shall have the right to assert and enforce such provisions directly or on its own behalf (save that this Agreement may be varied or rescinded without the consent of those parties). Subject to the previous sentence, no term of this Agreement is otherwise enforceable pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by any person who is not a party to it.

    b. Survival: In any event, the provisions under this Agreement, together with those provisions that either are expressed to survive its expiry or termination or from their nature or context it is contemplated that they are to survive such termination, shall survive termination of the Agreement. In the event you use the Website or Service again, then the provisions of the terms and conditions that then apply will govern your re-use of the Website or Service. In the event you use Vouchers bought under this Agreement, then those provisions applicable to Vouchers will survive termination of this Agreement.

    c. Severability: If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed severed and where capable the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this agreement shall not be affected.

    d. Applicable Law: The Terms of Use and the provision of our services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the British Virgin Islands, and any dispute arising out of the Terms of Use and our services shall exclusively be submitted to the competent courts in the British Virgin Islands.