Prestige Pharmacy takes pride in providing our patients/customers/ pets with all their prescription and over-the-counter medication needs. Prestige Pharmacy has THE BEST PRICES IN THE NATION GUARANTEED. Prestige delivers quality and affordability as a Retail/Community, Compounding, Specialty, and Delivery pharmacy locally in Sterling Heights and surrounding areas and Delivery and Service to all of Michigan. Stop in or call and let us wow you with our Service and Prices. And, DELIVERY in Michigan is always FAST AND FREE ANYWHERE. And Seniors, Let us Save you up to thousands by Avoiding the Medicare Part D "Donut Hole."

Check out the links on our FREE SILDENAFIL, SAME ACTIVE INGREDIENT AS VIAGRA, QUANTITY OF 30, with Valid Prescription.

Check out Prestige Pharmacy's $2 OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS LIST- Best priced in the Nation- FDA-approved with FAST, FREE DELIVERY IN ALL OF MICHIGAN and DELIVERY NATIONWIDE- certain out-of-state delivery costs may apply. Please call the pharmacy to see if they can be waived. Minimum of 1 bottle or 90 day supply per patient/customer every 90 days.
Delivery is FREE! No worries either on manufacturer coupons- WE ACCEPT ALL MANUFACTURER COUPONS and have these loaded for brand products in our system and billed if eligible. If we need to have you call the manufacturer for the discount, we will let you know before you pay a higher price. You will always get the lowest price Guaranteed!! Community/Retail, Compounding, and Specialty Pharmacy Setting up your account is Fast and Easy.

Call our local or toll-free number and let us gather your information.
Local number: 586-275-0150
Toll Free number: 1-877-PHARMA1
Or, visit our website at www.psp.health and fill out the “Contact Us” form. Only put the non-hippa requested
information on our secure site and allow us to call you at your convenience to set-up your account.

We can transfer your prescription from any pharmacy in the USA and either delivery locally or mail it directly to you in the State of Michigan. Prestige Pharmacy will call any verified Doctors’ office to request new prescriptions for you or your family at your convenience. Fast, Free delivery anywhere in Michigan or local retail pick-up.

Prestige carries a full line of over-the-counter (OTC) medications that can be included with your prescription order at discount prices. Products such as vitamins, calcium, glucosamine & chondroitin, fish oil capsules, hair and nail vitamins, Generic Tylenol, Generic Tylenol PM, Generic Advil, Generic Advil PM, antacids, laxatives, Mucinex, Aspirin, cough and cold products and antihistamines such as Generic Claritin and Generic Zyrtec and more are all available to be mailed with your order.

Sample Generic OTC Prices:

1. Generic Claritin: 30 Tablets / $4.00
2. Generic Zyrtec: 30 Tablets / $5.00
3. Generic Tylenol: 175 Tablets / $5.50
4. Aspirin 81mg EC: 120 Tablets / $2.50
5. Generic Advil 200mg: 50 Tablets / $3.50
6. Generic Aleve 100 Tablets / $8.00
7. Fish Oil 1000mg: 90 Capsules / $7.99
8. Calcium w/vitamin D: 60 Tablets / $3.00
9. Generic Centrum: 130 Tablets / $5.50
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For All New Patients/Customers, Free Electronic Blood Pressure Machine and State-of-the-Art Glucometer. No Purchase Necessary. Free Local Retail Pick-up or Delivery Anywhere in Michigan.

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