• Ryan Johnson
  • February 2nd, 2017
  •   Blogs

Are you considering bringing your own Audio Visual? (I would expand this a little – like what sort of events, why would you bring your own, what sorts of AV would you bring. All these things will help attract Google and other search engines and that will help attract readers/ potential clients)

Consider these 6 critical issues of bringing your own Audio Visual.

1)      Many Hotels and Resorts have fees, rules, and regulations associated when clients bring their own audio video – known as “client brought”.  In most cases, a Technical Supervisor / Event Technician / Technical Liaison will be assigned to your production company or client owned equipment. Whatever the hotel or resorts name for this individual, the professional is billed at a 4-hour minimum and can total on average around $200 – $600 dollars. Many Hotels have special packages for client brought items, like a projector. For example, they might call it a Projector Support Package for each meeting room to use with your client brought the projector.

2)      Many Hotels and Resorts have a Dock Supervisor (D.S.) and clients are responsible for labor costs that may result. A Dock Supervisor is assigned to your production company or client vehicle to supervisor time, damage and progress of load in/out. Labor rates average between $200 –  $600, check for current rates from your Convention Manager.

3)      Many Hotels and Resorts have Electrical Services fees, this is not complimentary. This is a charge for electrical hook up and service. This may be a minimum $20 fee for a power strip and safely “managed” power cord. To hundreds of dollars for power distribution known as a “Power DropBox.”  — (Need to expand this sentence – it’s a partial thought)

4)      Many Hotels and Resorts have fees to use their built-in equipment including speaker system, projectors, tables, and screens. Be sure to know these fees up front, so you aren’t surprised after the proposal is sent or the contract is signed.

5)      Current CERTIFICATE of INSURANCE of outside AV must be on file and in compliance with Hotel or Resorts Insurance Requirements.

6)      Last but not least, why risk Audio Visual issues by bringing your own audio video equipment? Your hotel’s in-house AV company has years of success within your event space.  Why not trust what works?

Many of the critical issues above are included, allow you to choose or waived when working with Professional Team of Event Technicians and Planners like, Hotel Audio Visual LLC.