Alan Ferguson, D.D.S., P.L.C.

“On the Road to Good Dental Health”

Alan Ferguson, D.D.S.

Welcome to the dental practice of Alan Ferguson, D.D.S., P.L.C.  This website is a resource for you to learn more about dentistry and the types of dental procedures offered in our practice.  Our goal is to deliver the highest quality care and to educate you about oral health and to keep you “on the road to good dental health”.  Dr. Ferguson has been practicing dentistry in Phoenix, Arizona and in the surrounding area since 1994. Our services go beyond routine dental cleanings and fillings. We provide cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening (GLO zero sensitivity whitening system), tooth colored fillings and veneers and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools such as oral DNA/salivary testing to diagnose HPV/periodontal disease and VELscope oral cancer screening.  Specialized, reconstructive treatments are also offered for failing teeth such as crowns, bridges, and dental implants.


If I tell you how great this place is, you’ll all want to go and I’ll have a hard time getting an appointment. But because your dental health is so critical, I’ll take that risk. Absolutely all of the staff at Dr Ferguson’s is excellent. They are well trained, very experienced and always happy to see you. There are lots of places where you can get good basic care: a filling, a cleaning, etc. There are places that are steeply discounted. But if you really care about your overall health–which includes your dental care–then you need to see a dentist like Dr Ferguson. Your dentist should be an integral part of your healthcare–why not have the best?

– Chuck in Phoenix

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