Taurus Horoscope

Daily Horoscope
Tuesday 10/19/2021 - Horoscope:

A penguin was knighted in Norway in 2008. Some beliefs may seem silly, but they bring a lot of joy to everyone involved. Perhaps it is time to try out some fun and openminded solutions, those that will put a smile on your face and give everyone around you a reason for laughter.

It is not possible to deny your own heart, not even if this feels like self-care at the moment. Emotions are there to be recognized and they can only grow and become darker if you shove them aside.

Weekly Horoscope
10/18/2021 - 10/24/2021 - Horoscope:

You have a lot to be proud of and this week is about to prove this and send good news your way. Just as Mercury turns forwards in your sixth house, the pressure at work starts to wear off and you suddenly see the point and the purpose in some of the craziness that took place in the past several weeks.

You had no way of controlling the situation any better. Come to terms with what has been done and instead of chasing for miracles, settle in the moment, understanding the reality of the matter. This will allow you to create a plan that is worth pursuing every step of the way so you can move towards something inspiring and creative.

This week’s affirmation: “I am grounded.”

Monthly Horoscope
Oct 2021 - Horoscope:

You will be relieved to see Venus leave Scorpio, but you will still have to handle its travels through your eighth house in Sagittarius. This entire period is important for the cuts and breaks, endings that were bound to happen, and releasing the old to make room for creative energies for something new. Open doors in front of you without fear and curiously try things out before dismissing them.

Perhaps emotional involvements and entanglements bring you more hurt than happiness at the moment. Seek solutions, fix what is broken, and don’t try to revive what is already long gone. Opportunities are many and the world is much wider than one’s personal perspective is often ready to see. Try not to be limited by negative convictions and narrow views that make you believe in less than what you need and deserve.

You find us, finally, and you are already in love.

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