Capricorn Horoscope

Daily Horoscope
Tuesday 10/19/2021 - Horoscope:

You are defying your own sense of belonging and the gratitude you are really feeling for the life you’ve been giving. Don’t let temporary emotions take you away from truths you wish to commit to and live by every day. You need honesty and clarity more than any sort of status or success.

Talk freely and don’t fear discussing matters that are normally not easy to talk about. You have very little to lose if you stand up for yourself and set clear boundaries for what you don’t want to live in.

Weekly Horoscope
10/18/2021 - 10/24/2021 - Horoscope:

Let the dust settle before proceeding. You don’t have to buy time or push things too far, especially if you are dealing with a sensitive individual standing in front of you. Some of your greatest achievements were governed primarily by patience and it would be a shame to waste them for lack of it just because Mars in Libra makes you anxious.

Keep yourself steady and go easy on your own heart. It is important to find balance between your job and your private life, as love stories might develop in the background when you least expect them to. Enjoy the company of those who spark your need for intimacy.

This week’s affirmation: “My heart is open for love.”

Monthly Horoscope
Oct 2021 - Horoscope:

Mountain Dew was first made to be mixed with whiskey. The first intention still counts, in less relevant matters just as much as big ones. However, you should recognize the moment when things are bound to change, take a different shape and form, or become something else entirely. Don’t hold on to loyalties to your past choices or the past and tradition of other people when it no longer serves your joyful spirit.

Feelings are heightened, especially in the beginning of October. Things seem to be moving with or without you and you could feel like you are falling out and failing to keep the proper pace. Release what must go and don’t give up on your thoroughness and careful planning when important objectives are at stake. A risk or two might be necessary. Have faith in yourself and your potent abilities.

You find us, finally, and you are already in love.

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