Aquarius Horoscope

Daily Horoscope
Tuesday 10/19/2021 - Horoscope:

Cornea in humans extracts oxygen from the air, not from blood. While you expect certain system to function in usual ways, there are differences and individuals that stand out from all norms, reminding you that you have the right to do the same for yourself.

There is a way, even when it seems impossible to find it. Don’t give up on long-term goals just because of several setbacks and make sure you are following what is truly motivating, setting your priorities straight.

Weekly Horoscope
10/18/2021 - 10/24/2021 - Horoscope:

Manipulation could become a serious issue if you let it develop to the point of control. It is very important to keep your boundaries less flexible than usual, while also leaning from emotions that arise along the way. If you trust someone, the feeling comes naturally and with ease and if you don’t, it is time to listen to your gut instead of rationalizing things too much.

You have the answers, within you. Meditate, spend time in contact with Nature, or go for a long walk, even if this seems like a waste of time under pressuring, stressful circumstances. Proper self-care will bring more results that the continuous strain of hard work. Regenerate to make firm steps forwards with more ease.

This week’s affirmation: “I breathe.”

Monthly Horoscope
Oct 2021 - Horoscope:

This is a month of vision, and you are about to see the light at the end of a tunnel, or the end of a long-lasting struggle that has been keeping you tied. You can feel the freedom approaching, as if it was out of your hands and control, even though you are the one responsible for each next step you are about to make. Focus on positive encounters and moments, and let your persistency and time do the rest.

By the end of October, many things will reach their final shape and you will be done with important projects that you gave your energy to. You have the opportunity to reach a big professional goal if you keep the focus, and some Aquarius representatives might choose a new path for their future family. The structure may be shifting and changing, but you are consistent and ready to work on healthy progress.

You find us, finally, and you are already in love.

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