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TYTAN Professional Maximizes Worker & Building Efficiency

TYTAN Combines Powerful with Effective

Not all construction materials are designed with contractors in mind. We listen to our customers to create air sealing, moisture sealing, and adhesive materials that increase workers efficiency and building performance. That is why TYTAN is confidently used in over 70 countries worldwide as a brand contractors can trust with their reputation.

Foam Sealants: Air & Moisture Sealing

TYTAN Foam Sealants offer Smart Foam Technology. Smart foam is foam without application limits. Smart foam can be used around windows, doors, gaps, cracks, and every project in-between. Expanding foam insulation has a few purposes.

High Yield Construction Adhesives: Efficiency Perfected

TYTAN Subfloor construction adhesive is twice as strong as a leading subfloor adhesive. A traditional caulk Subfloor adhesive attempts to prevent floor squeaks by bonding the OSB to the floor joist. However, subfloor floor squeaks are a result of an imperfection in the joist. The imperfection leads to tension on the fastener and traffic over time causes a floor squeak.

TYTAN Sealants

TYTAN 100% Silicone Sealant comes in white, aluminium and clear silicone sealant. For General use, Clear Silicone Sealant is commonly used where a color is not required. It meets ASTM C920 and is manufactured in a ISO 9000 facility.

Build With Confidence

TYTAN High Temp silicone sealant is formulated to work in temperatures up to 600° F without shrinking or losing shape. You can trust our wide selection of strong sealants to meet any of your project needs.